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 Recently, we have learned that there is an HVAC company in the Valley telling people that they have bought Accurate Air.  This is nothing more than a scam to gain more customers.  


Accurate Air has not sold out.  We  have provided our customers with honest, dependable service since 1965.  We began as a family owned and operated business and we remain the same today.  


Please do not fall victim to this unethical ploy.  HVAC companies that misrepresent themselves will most likely, mistreat you.  

How does cooling work?

Central air conditioning works by transferring the heat from the air inside to outside your home.  Cooled and conditioned air is recirculated.  The compressor pumps the refrigerant backward and forward to take in heat and moisture from within.  The cycle continues until the thermostat is satisfied and shuts the system off.

What is 2-stage cooling?

If your heat pump or air conditioner's compressor has two levels of operation (high for the summer and low for milder weather), then you have a 2-stage cooling system.

Exactly what is SEER?

SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the score of a system's efficiency.  The greater the score, the less the device will cost to work.  The efficiency of a system is controlled by the Department of Energy and is governed by United States law.

What is Puron?

R-22, which is the conventional refrigerant being utilized in most A/C and heat pump systems, has been phased out by the 1990 Clean Air Act.  Puron is environmentally safe and energy effective and has been universally accepted to replace R-22 for cooling and heating.

How long should my cooling system last?

An air conditioner ususally lasts about 10-15 years.  Know that the life span can differ greatly with proper or improper maintenance and upkeep.  


A Planned Service Agreement (PSA) provides two seasonal maintenance check ups, which could ultimately reduce costly repairs and extend the life of your equipment.  

Our PSA is an annual contract that provides you with valuable benefits, savings and peace of mind. Pricing varies based on number of systems.  Discounts available on multiple systems at the same location.

Click on the button below for more details or call us today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our PSA.



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